What is Custom Web Application Development?

July 5, 2022, 12:00 AM

Creating a web application is beneficial in many ways. It is a great way to interact with your end-users. However, off-the-shelf web applications come with several complexities. They are quite hard to customize and require you to adjust other components to arrive at your desired result.

To combat this, businesses use custom web application development. It enables them to create new web apps that are unique and that cater to their specific target audience. In this blog, we will take a look at what custom web app development is and also a few examples for the same.

What is the difference between a website and a web application?

Before we get into what its development involves, let us take a look at how custom web apps differ from traditional websites.

● More Interactive: By design, web apps are more interactive than traditional websites. Their operations rely on the user's interaction while websites are static displays of data that have fewer interaction options.
● Quite Complex: In comparison with websites, the development and deployment of web apps are complex. It involves several layers of interactive design and heavily focuses on user experience.
● Harder to Integrate: Unlike websites, web apps require complicated processes to integrate. This is mainly due to the wide array of functionality they carry when compared to websites.
● Authentication: Not all websites require authentication to view the content. However, most web apps require a user account to access their functions. As you can infer, this provides an added security layer to most web apps.

In simple words, it is a program/software/app that runs online. Most of the time, people interact with web applications without even knowing that it is one. So, let's take a look at a few examples to get a clearer idea.

What is an example of a web application?

The following are some of the common web applications that most people come across:

● Gmail
● Google Docs
● Microsoft Office 365
● Amazon
● Canva
● Netflix

In essence, web applications are easy-to-maintain versions of websites. You do not need to install them in most cases and that's what makes them so popular among users.

What does custom web app development involve?

Custom web application development is a process that involves the design, development, and deployment of custom-made software solutions that cater to a specific target audience. Even the examination portals that schools create for their students come under this category.

In earlier days, only experienced professionals and developers were able to create this kind of application. Now, the rise of drag-and-drop builders has let users with minimal coding knowledge create such apps as well. This creates an opportunity for small businesses with limited capital to create their own apps.

However, developing through a professional has many advantages. You can include many functionalities that are not available in the builder. Furthermore, it gives you creative freedom over the entirety of the development process.

What benefits does custom web application development offer?

1. Made for your users

When you go for off-the-shelf web apps you do not get the flexibility to tweak them to your requirements. But this new development gives you an opportunity to explore the unexplored. It lets you integrate newer options that your users might find useful. Plus, it gives every application you integrate a feel of something created specifically for your brand.

2. Does well with changes

Businesses evolve over a period of time. It is what enables growth and brings new prospects for the business. Custom apps are highly adaptable. Opting for them instead of traditional web apps lets you make changes anytime you want instead of waiting for the original developer to update the infrastructure.

3. Decreases compatibility issues

Some web apps that you choose might not go well with other components of your portal or website. It might show compatibility issues that prevent you from moving forward with other essential upgrades. With a custom app, however, you can easily resolve compatibility issues and restructure the app to suit the new changes.

4. Offers more security

Custom web apps increase more than just functionality. They give you more security. Assume that Amazon doesn't have control over its payment security protocols. You wouldn't trust the web app enough to make payments, would you? As you can see, the security of a web app influences its success.

You can add many security protocols to fortify your user's data. Moreover, it is quite tough for a custom web app to get hacked. The web app is not available anywhere other than your company's website and/or systems. So, it becomes quite a tough cookie to crack for the hackers.


Never go out of fashion. That is the only way to keep businesses afloat. Since custom web application development is the buzz, it is only wise to incorporate it into your user engagement strategies. Also, make sure that you must identify the deliverables of the web app during the initial stages so that you can reap the most out of the development process.

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