What are Video Landing Pages?

August 9, 2022, 12:00 AM

In the world of digitalization, creating a landing page that elevates your conversion rate, giving you an edge over other companies, is essential. There are numerous benefits of a landing page, but first, we need to understand what a landing page exactly is.

What is a landing page?

In digital marketing, a landing page is a webpage that aims at collecting the contact’s information in exchange for an offer that can range from e-books to newsletters. A few landing pages also offer free consultation services or a meeting.

What are video landing pages?

A static website created specifically for a marketing campaign or offer that employs video to convert visitors is known as a video landing page. A specialized approach to using video on your website is through video landing pages, also referred to as lead capture pages, static pages, destination pages, and post-click pages.

According to Aberdeen Group, 88 percent of the APAC (Asia-Pacific) based businesses polled use video as part of their marketing strategies.

Benefits of the Video landing pages

Your viewers will learn more from videos: You can convey more information in less time by using videos. You can engage with your audience and provide them with all the information they want about your product by using videos on your landing pages.

Videos are excellent if your product is complicated and needs to be explained.

A surge in engagement: If given a choice between reading and watching a video most people will choose to watch a video, rather than read content. If you include a video on your landing page, users are more likely to retain the content.

Compared to a movie, a block of text is tougher to interact with, and many website visitors scan the prose to save time.

Videos increase conversion rates: Your landing page's conversion rate will go up if it includes a video and a form. Using videos on your landing pages may boost conversion rates by 80%.

What could be a better way to market than using the technique called ‘emotional marketing?’ Companies employ emotional marketing to target particular human emotions and influence customers.

A video is an effective marketing tool because it enables you to influence viewers' purchase decisions on an emotional level. You may influence your audience's conversion by using the reaction your videos evoke to gauge how they are feeling.

CTAs for videos

A pop-out call to action or a contact form embedded right into your video that sends contact information to your marketing automation platform is now both possible thanks to advances in video platform technology.

Placing a CTA in a video is one of the most effective ways to achieve a successful conversion.

Website vs Landing Page?

Before you get confused between the two, we choose to clarify and define the purpose of a website and a landing page in general. A website is particularly designed for its users to explore and gather information about that company.

It has various tabs like the about section, the search bar, and the contact section. When we compare this to a landing page, it is just one page that is not open for exploration. Rather, it focuses on Call to Action (CTA), which tells the user to subscribe to newsletters or offer free consultations.

Types of Video Landing Pages

There are ample businesses that have already incorporated video landing pages and have benefitted from them. Below are a few video landing page examples that have caught people's attention and successfully increased their conversion rates.

Rolex: It is a renowned brand in the world of watches. Rolex’s landing page has an iconic video that illustrates the quality of its watches. It has all the elements required for a successful conversion. A call-to-action video and an embedded story experience.

Hermes: It is one of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world. Hermes is well known for its handbags, watches, and perfumes. It also has a strong video landing page that increases its conversion rate. A video on the Hermes website highlights several lipstick hues they offer and what they can do for you. The call to action is very clear, and you can access all the information you want.

Shopify plus: Landing page conversion rates are greatly aided by videos, and Shopify Plus's slick and enjoyable video is no exception. On its homepage, Shopify has a video where they show off its platform and the companies that are utilizing it to gain credibility throughout the world. The video is succinct and direct.

Linkfluencer: These landing pages are highly successful as more and more people watch videos online. The design of the website, which integrates a video on the right and just the perfect amount of text on the left, is a great example of how to use video to draw in new clients in today's digital world.

To Conclude

A landing page web design could be easier if you hire a web designer specializing in UI/UX design. You can discuss the layout, script, and outline of your video landing page.