Top 5 WordPress Themes to Look for in 2021

February 22, 2021, 12:00 AM

Wordpress themes provide you the capabilities to customize your website as you wish. They offer an aesthetic appeal to the website. These themes are designed keeping in mind the feature requirements and tools you would require for building a website. Any web development company in Vadodara, India building your Wordpress site will provide a few theme options before they start the development process.

There are Wordpress themes that come with page builders. They can improve the efficiency and productivity of the designing process. Web design services in Vadodara, India often use these page builders to add functionalities and enhance the richness of the website. These page builders also enable easy integration of plugins with the Wordpress theme, adding more features without any hassle.

In this article, we will focus on the top Wordpress themes to look for in 2021. There are millions of themes that developers can choose from. Every theme has a plethora of options. A web design company in Vadodara, India can also help you decide which theme is perfect for your work. Let’s have a look at the themes in detail.

Top 5 Wordpress themes for 2021

Web design is more important than ever in 2021. You would want a Wordpress theme that is SEO-friendly and provides a good development experience. You should always opt for a theme that is optimized for high performance, speed, and provides regular updates. Here are our top 5 Wordpress themes for 2021 that meet these criteria -

1. Avada


A theme trusted by almost every web design and web development company in Vadodara, India, Avada has crossed over 45,000 in sales. At one point of time, it was one of the bestseller themes of all time. Avada provides one-click demo import and pre-built websites. It eliminates the need to build the website from scratch. There’s no need to write code in Avada. The Fusion drag-and-drop page builder minimizes the complexities in the development process.

2. Uncode


The theme for entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals - Uncode is perfect for all kinds of small businesses. One of the best seller themes on Themeforest with over 80,000 in sales, Uncode is useful for building e-commerce websites. Its integration with WooCommerce assists in delivering an amazing user-experience to online shoppers. The theme offers fantastic pre-built templates for online shopping websites and doesn’t require much hassle to install and start working.

3. Astra


Astra has been around for long. It is the choice of theme for websites of all different kinds. The free version offers customization capabilities that aren’t available in most free themes. Astra’s integration with the Elementor page builder enables developers to add features with ease. By upgrading to the premium theme, you can access a massive design library. It offers pre-built websites that you can use by replacing the content and building your website in no time.

4. BeTheme


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With over 200,000 sales, BeTheme is probably one of the biggest and most popular themes of all. It comes with the muffin page builder, admin panel, and a shortcode generator. Any web development company in Vadodara, India can vouch for the flexibility that it provides during the development process. It offers 600+ customizable pre-built websites that you can use for your own site.

5. Ultra


The theme comes with support of over 12 page builders. Companies offering web design services in Vadodara, India prefer Ultra because of its smooth development capabilities. It has smart layout options, enabling you to give a unique layout to every page. The “Section Scrolling” element is probably the most unique of them all, allowing users to scroll with a modern-day look as they interact with the website. Ultra is easily customizable and accommodates a wide variety of plugins.