How to speed up your Wordpress site?

January 13, 2021, 10:57 AM

More than 40% of the websites online are powered by Wordpress. It is one of the best CMS and website development platforms used by companies and individuals all over the world. Any professional web developer in Vadodara will first recommend Wordpress for building a website by using the fantastic templates it offers.

You can build both dynamic and static websites with Wordpress. However, the most important factor is the performance of your website. You can hire the experts in web design and development in Vadodara to boost up the speed up your Wordpress site. Speed is a crucial element. Poor page loading speed leads to higher exit rate and customers leaving your page without even noticing anything. Low website speed will also impact your SEO and push you back to a lower ranking in the search engine results page.

This highlight will highlight some of the best ways to increase the speed of your Wordpress website. We will look at how you can improve the Wordpress site and gain more quality visitors whom you can convert into loyal customers.

Ways to improve your Wordpress site - 

Just by increasing the speed of your Wordpress site, you can attract high-quality visitors who are really interested in your content. It will also help in improving the SEO of your website, leading to better results in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Here are a few ways recommend by an expert website developer in Vadodara to improve the speed of your Wordpress site -

  • Use the latest version - 

 If you want to get high-speed for your website, it is important to use the latest version of Wordpress. The platform is continuously updated with security features, elements, and components that speed the development and performance of your website. The updated version also ensures that all the previous vulnerabilities of the system are fixed.

  • Use SEO-based theme -

It is important that your theme be optimized for search engines. When you hire a professional for web design and development in Vadodara, you need to ask what kind of themes they will use for your Wordpress site. There are paid themes available but it is not necessary that they are SEO compatible. SEO is integral if you want to rank in search engines that can get found by people. However, you need to ensure that your theme is not heavy and can handle traffic without impacting SEO performance. 

  • Select quality hosting - 

Your Wordpress site speed also depends on the hosting provider. You can get shared hosting, dedicated hosting, or Wordpress hosting. A quality hosting that provides more than 99.5% uptime should be your goal. You must always opt for hosting that can provide you deep admin access so you can take matters into your own hands if any issue occurs. You should choose a trusted hosting provider for website development to increase the speed of your Wordpress site.

  • Optimize images - 

One of the most bandwidth-consuming things in a Wordpress site are images. The website developer in Vadodara who works on your site should begin by optimizing images and bringing down their size while keeping the quality. Compressing the images will allow you to increase the speed as it will take less time to load the page. Images are speed heavy and drastically increase the load time, leading to a poor user experience as well.

You can hire PHP experts for web design and development in Vadodara to increase your Wordpress site speed. They will work on different aspects of the site and ensure that your site has a high loading speed. While the page speed depends on the elements used in the website, a good web developer in Vadodara can optimize the pages and increase the speed of your Wordpress site with ease.