Wix vs WordPress Development

December 20, 2021, 12:01 PM

The battle of Wix vs WordPress is now new. In fact, with the increasing focus on website development, both are becoming a prominent methods to go online. While many opt for a Wix website due to its feature-rich ecosystem, a large portion of the online businesses and individuals still use WordPress websites because of their usability and plugins. They are more familiar with WordPress than any other systems available for website development. As a website builder, Wix offers people the ability to customize as much as they want while WordPress focuses on templates, along with optimizing the website for search engines. 

This article will focus on some of the points to consider while choosing the best free website builder for 2022 - whether Wix or WordPress. We will compare both the platforms and let you decide for yourself which suits you better for the website you imagine. After that, you can hire a website development company that can work on the platform of your choice and get you started with your new website in no time.

Wix vs WordPress Development: Points to Consider in 2022

We will compare the top three factors that need to be considered while building a website using Wix or WordPress - Pricing, Design, and Plugins

1. Wix vs WordPress: Pricing

Wix offers an essential web builder for Free. There are two detriments to it. In the first place, it includes Wix-marked promotions at the top and lower part of your site.

Second, you can't utilize a custom domain name for your webpage, so your site address will be:

Each Wix premium plan has the distinctive capacity and bandwidth speed limits. You can pay month to month or pick a yearly arrangement. Plans for small business and eCommerce sites start from $17/month.

WordPress software is open source, and it is accessible free of charge for anybody to use. Well, the greatest catch is that you really want your own domain name and web hosting to introduce it.

There are a few WordPress hosting suppliers that you can browse. Depending upon your spending plan, you can begin with a fundamental plan with a WordPress hosting like Bluehost that will cost you $2.75 each month and incorporate a free custom domain name.

2. Wix vs WordPress: Design

Wix accompanies more than 900+ pre-made formats to browse. All Wix templates are completely responsive and written in HTML5. Utilizing the inherent devices, you can additionally change your site configuration, change the format, and revamp things as you see fit.

However, once you select a template, you can’t change it. You have to modify and customize elements in that template only. 

WordPress offers a huge number of free and paid templates. Free templates accompany restricted support, yet they likewise go through a severe survey process. Paid top templates by and large deal with more highlights and accompany premium development choices.

WordPress templates range from small businesses to large eCommerce companies. Most templates offer customizations of their own. You can change the template of a WordPress website whenever you wish and start with a new one with ease. 

3. Wix vs WordPress: Plugins

Wix comes with almost 200+ applications that you can add to your site. These applications offer a wide scope of highlights like adding contact forms, galleries, remarks, web-based media buttons, email showcasing, etc.

WordPress has more than 58,000+ free modules accessible in the module index alone. Also, premium modules are accessible on different commercial websites. These plugins range from speeding up the website, SEO to incorporating e-commerce functionality in the website without writing any additional code.


It is clear that WordPress has a lot more plugins and apps to offer than Wix. However, a Wix website offers more template customizations. Therefore, the decision depends upon what you want to achieve from your website. Both are good choices for website development, and you can choose either one for a dynamic and engaging site.