What are Mobile Concierge Apps?

August 17, 2023, 12:00 AM

Customers today value time more highly than money due to the fast pace of life. Customers like the comfort that technology can provide for them. An excellent example of how to enhance customer experience is the mobile concierge app. 

According to PwC, due to the advantages they provide for a hotel's brand value, over 70 percent of executives in the hospitality industry report having begun working with technological solutions. These include IoT to optimize operations such as booking rooms as well as service management.

What are Mobile Concierge Apps?

The concierge apps (also known as personal assistant apps) for hotel groups including Marriott, Hilton, and Conrad Hotel & Resort are now available. One of the top concierge service applications available is owned by the Marriott brand. Virtual concierge apps are used by other businesses as well. Each of them creates unique features to meet their demands. 

What does mobile concierge app do?

Concierge apps (also known as personal assistant apps) are available on smartphones to facilitate hospitality. With just one click, mobile app users may level up their comfort by booking a variety of concierge-related services.   

The concierge app is the future of the hospitality sector. It provides all the necessary resources for anyone looking to reserve a hotel room or a table at a restaurant. As a means of customer recommendation, such a solution envisions giving concierge services information about surrounding landmarks and eateries. Additionally, it enables the user to plan their chosen activities and make bookings in advance.   

As a result, concierge software is now the most popular choice in the hospitality sector. Today's mobile concierge apps also function as personal assistants. They enable users to instantly make hotel reservations, reserve a table at a restaurant, or plan an expedition from anywhere.    

How concierge apps improve the guest experience?

It might seem challenging to replace the individualized service provided by an on-site hotel concierge. However, the addition of a mobile concierge option gives visitors another way to get a rapid response to more general questions. This is the best option given the current situation, where customers and employees want to avoid face-to-face contact while the concierge staff gets used to new safety procedures and visitor expectations.  

From the perspective of the hotel brand, a mobile concierge app can give customers rapid access to crucial local and property information as well as pertinent promotions. For quick and secure purchases, in-app mobile payments for hotel facilities may use stored credit card information. A two-way chat feature is even provided by several mobile concierge service providers to allow for rapid communication and requests.  

In addition to streamlining hotel operations, a mobile concierge is quick and convenient for guests. Some hotels use AI-driven chatbots as part of their mobile concierge service to respond to straightforward inquiries from visitors or requests for more details. To guarantee a prompt, useful response, other people will also make use of methods that divide visitor assistance jobs among several staff members.  

With the use of digital keys, mobile check-in/out, and numerous mobile concierge features, visitors may get a personalized, attentive experience right on their mobile devices.  

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Other benefits of concierge apps

Mobile concierge app development for hotel industry not only enhances the guest experience but also offers several benefits and prospects for the hotel. From hotel to hotel, it can affect the bottom line in different ways to maximize operational efficiency, but there are a few major advantages: 

  • Give visitors responses before they inquire

Hotels can respond to a lot of customer questions in-app with a well-chosen selection of material and intuitive navigation. Visitors can view the menus, schedules, and other details for the hotel's restaurants and room service before making their own appointments and placing their own orders. 

  • Generate more revenue

A mobile concierge can be an effective marketing tool as well. Because you frequently have actionable customer information, such as a history of visitors' mobile app activity and transactions, it allows hotels a platform to customize promotions and offers with a far better possibility of interaction. Hotels increase revenue per room while also offering a more individualized customer experience aided by information from mobile concierges. 

  • Minimize human error

Even the most competent workers occasionally make blunders. With the help of this technology, it is nearly impossible for customer demands to be overlooked. Many mobile concierge applications offer a system for escalating unfulfilled requests up the management chain if they are not handled within a certain amount of time. 

  • Increase productivity

Mobile concierge systems frequently include a range of reporting options to track staff response times as well as other efficiency indicators. Your evaluation of staff performance gains greater depth when you compare this data to customer service feedback, which also helps you optimize your systems and procedures. 

Final thought

The only issue left is how rapidly you can roll out your mobile concierge app development for hotel industry given all the benefits it may provide. The personalized service that the concierge team attempts to deliver can be elevated by providing both traditional and mobile concierge choices. It enhances the entire hotel experience for your visitors.

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