How Much Should You Spend on an eCommerce Website?

June 28, 2021, 3:33 PM

Online stores are one of the biggest trends of this decade. More and more e-commerce companies are opening up, enabling customers to access products with ease. It is a great way for businesses to generate revenue and create their digital presence. Companies can hire a professional ecommerce website development company in Vadodara and start their store in no time.

While an ecommerce store is a great way to make money, it also requires investment. Businesses or individuals looking to start their online shopping website must consider multiple costs that are associated with ecommerce website development Vadodara. There are some one time costs and a few recurring costs that must be taken into consideration while starting the store.

In this article, we will focus on understanding the cost of an e-commerce website. We will focus on how much it will cost to design an ecommerce website design Vadodara, highlight the factors to consider while calculating the cost, and what other costs are involved in building an e-commerce website.

Factors to consider while calculating the cost of an ecommerce website

The cost of an ecommerce website is not certain. There are a lot of factors involved that determine whether the ecommerce store development will fit in your budget or not. Here are the factors that you need to consider while calculating the cost of an ecommerce website -

1. E-commerce platform

The first thing to consider is the ecommerce platform for your store. A website development company in Vadodara will offer different options - Shopify, Spree Commerce, Big Commerce, Magento. If you use an off-the-shelf software like Shopify, the cost will be lower. On the other hand, custom platforms like Spree Commerce would cost you higher as the website would be designed using web frameworks and coding.

2. Features & customizations

The cost of ecommerce website design Vadodara also depends on the features and customizations you want in the store. While there are some common features that you can have in the store, extra features would cost you more. Custom ecommerce sites require an extreme amount of coding for adding even a single feature, which leads to a higher cost of development.

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3. Products and pages

You should decide how many products you wish to sell and the number of pages you want. You will need content and design for each product and page. The cost of ecommerce website development Vadodara becomes easy to calculate when you are clear about the products and pages. If you only sell one product, then you don’t need a lot of pages and a single pager store will be enough.

4. Budget

Last but not least, you should decide a budget for your ecommerce store. B2B stores can go up to $100,000 in development, so you must be careful about the budget. Be careful about calculating the ROI and ensure that you have the money to get the website built from an experienced company. Budget is also important to decide how much you can reinvest in the store.

How much does it actually cost to build an ecommerce website?

The ecommerce website involves the cost of web design and development, hosting and domain name, store integration, and maintenance. Overall, a custom ecommerce store would cost anywhere between $25,000 to $50,000. However, if you opt for shopify website design Vadodara, it would cost you around $25,000. The store development time will be much less than a custom online shopping website. Hiring a professional ecommerce website development company in Vadodara will eliminate all your worries as they include everything we just talked about in a single fixed price and build the ecommerce store without any additional charges. You have to pay the price one time and your website will be ready in no time.