Why Dark Mode Web Design are Gaining Popularity

November 30, 2020, 1:54 PM

Dark Mode Will Again Hit Web Design Trends in 2021

Dark mode is becoming increasingly popular in all devices - from Smartphones to Macbooks. People love the appealing Dark UIs. On top of that, it is much less strainful for the eyes than light mode. Dark mode web design is now an ever-growing trend. So much that Google has launched a feature called "Night Eye" provides a dark mode for all web pages visited in Google Chrome. Similarly, Brave browser offers the same features to convert all web pages in dark mode. 

So what is it that makes dark mode irresistible? Firstly, most people are following the dark mode website design trends. Since every app is doing it, we shouldn't be left behind. Secondly, and from the user's perspective, dark mode is a new feature that delivers an experience away from traditional mobile devices. 

The dark mode is the new normal for smartphones and computers. The feature has received much appreciation since its launch. Many significant apps now use the dark mode to complement the user experience. With the dark mode web design, the UI looks much neater, sharper, and offers a fantastic experience.

In this article, we will highlight a few reasons why dark mode UIs are gaining popularity. We also look at a couple of common myths that surround using dark mode on mobile phones.

Reasons dark mode web design is gaining popularity

Apart from giving a stylish look to your phone, dark mode web design trends are much more than just the appearance. They are used for adaptability reasons and have functional advantages as well. Here are a few reasons for the rising popularity of dark mode UIs - 

 - Better Theme

The dark mode is essentially a dark theme that web developers have been working upon for a long time. It took them years to integrate dark mode web design into applications and devices. Themes offer a way to customize the look and feel of the mobile device. It gives a feeling of personalization and changes the entire design of the mod.

On top of that, website developers are also using dark-themed IDEs to build such applications when it comes to web development. Overall, it is a good transition from the white theme and offers excellent personalized potential.

 - Less Eye Strain

Truth be told, all of us spend the majority of our time looking at some sort of screen - be it a mobile phone, laptop, computer, TV, tablet, or any other. Our eyes are constantly strained by the light and can feel pressured after some time. During the night, white colour can cause insomnia, some studies show. 

Dark mode UIs relieve our eyes of the burden and make them less stressed. In low-light conditions, the dark mode can also provide a clear view of the text so that you don't have to concentrate your eyes too hard while reading anything.

 - Wide Adoption

One reasoning dark website design trends are growing is because all the tech giants have adopted it. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, or any other - all of them are offering dark mode UIs to their users. 

The mobile companies also offer "Night mode" that automatically switches to dark mode during night time. It also makes the screen warmer by giving a yellowish tint to the screen. It relaxes the eyes and also helps some people doze off while using their phones. Therefore, the rising popularity is a result of high-tech companies installing it in their interfaces.

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 - Bold Text

Looking at a white screen and reading black text can lead to digital eye strain. Bright screens can also lead to vision-related problems and sometimes even irritate the user. Dark mode web design provides a bold interface by highlighting the text so that you don't have to try hard to focus.

Dark mode, however, doesn't make the text bold. It just gives a feeling that you can actually see clearer text when white is written on black. Around 83% of people prefer to use dark mode on their devices, a recent survey shows. The appealing design and boldness is a major reason why it is becoming popular.

 - Battery Savings

A highly debatable topic, battery saving is something dark mode hasn't gotten used to. But researchers at Google show that dark mode UIs actually reduce battery consumption. Other studies also show that dark mode can save around 63% of battery on AMOLED displays that use a high amount of power for operation.

In bright mode, the pixels require more light to display things. In the dark mode, however, pixels can work well with minimum power. The bright or dark mode impacts power usage and battery life, and the dark one has shown some significant improvements.

Myths Surrounding Dark Mode

Now that you know why dark mode web design is gaining so much popularity, you should also know a few myths surrounding it. 

- Dark Mode Can Create Negative Impacts on SEO

Digital marketing experts know that user experience is an important part of SEO Optimization. People believe that since dark mode provides a better user experience, they will be able to rank better.

The truth is dark mode DOES NOT impact SEO in any way. A user-friendly experience involves smooth navigation, better elements, and relevant content. Even if the dark mode doesn't provide a good user experience, your SEO will see the impact.

- White Space Doesn't Matter

Most people get confused by this. Since the traditional design had a bright colour UI, white space was the rule for improving the experience. Designers often think that white space doesn't matter in dark mode.

However, Dark Mode UIs require appropriate space between different elements, buttons, and sections. A dark-themed website shouldn't look like a mixture of things without any structure or arrangement. It is important to space the elements just like the bright coloured UI. 


The dark mode is more of an appeal rather than functionality. It is based on the mood of the user rather than the performance of the device. Whatever the reason, it has become instantaneously popular, and everyone seems to love it. It looks like dark mode web design is here to stay until something better comes up.