10 Top Web Development Trends to Follow in 2021

August 31, 2021, 11:50 AM

Today, web development is becoming one of the top priorities for companies across the globe. It is their first step to becoming a digital organization and to grow your business. As the digital world evolves, there are many advancements that have taken place in the world of web development. Therefore, most websites use modern ways to attract customers and keep them hooked to their site. 

There are several trends in web development that have become prominent over the years. These trends evolved to become one of the most important things that any web development company could implement in today’s world. 

If you want to stay relevant to your customers, staying ahead of the competition is really important. Therefore, adopting a futuristic approach to web development is essential. Digital businesses that lead the future are those who are able to take advantage of these trends and grow into the organizations of the future.

Let’s have a look at these top 10 web development trends that companies should follow in 2021.

Top 10 trends in web development to know this year. These web development trends have made their way in the digital world enabling companies to leverage the latest technologies and lead the industry.

Here are the 10 trends in web development that will help companies grow digitally in 2021 - 

1. Progressive web apps

One of the best trends in web development are progressive web apps. They provide a native mobile-like feel to the website, enabling users to better understand the website. The biggest advantage is that they provide an enhanced user experience to the users without disrupting the flow of activities. Therefore, companies that do not want a mobile application can hire a web development company and get a progressive web app that can fulfill the purpose of a mobile app as well. It leads to a reduction in cost and provides efficiency in web applications.

2. No code and low code

The next big trend in web development is the usage of no code and low code development. There are drag-and-drop interfaces and tools that streamline the workflow for developers and make development more efficient. It helps them to visualize the flow of the application and reduce the effort it takes to build a web application. Today, there are software like InVision that provide pre-design templates, prototypes, and elements that developers can use in the app for a smoother designing experience. 

3. Blockchain technology

Today, many companies are taking advantage of the decentralized blockchain technology to make transactions secure and easy. It decreases the financial burden and expenses, ensuring that companies can reap economies of scale when transacting. It is one of those trends in web development that has amazing utility in the future when companies join the decentralized networks for their operations. It provides high web page interactivity and helps in creating smart prediction systems, leading to better data security.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected devices are one of the best things that have come to web development. The Internet of things allows companies to transfer data seamlessly and provide personalized services to their users. It enables the companies to reach their customers faster and deliver customized offerings to ensure they get the best services. Connected web applications provide easy access to the devices that are connected to the company’s server as well. Therefore, it becomes easier for the employees to exchange data with others.

5. Single-page applications

Netflix is one of the prime examples that uses the single-page application technology. Today, many websites prefer using SPAs to ensure that the visitors stay on the single website without ever leaving the page. All the links open in the same page, ensuring that a seamless user experience is delivered without interrupting the flow of the user. Instead of loading separate HTML pages for each link, it only loads the markup and data to render the features and content of the application.

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6. Motion UI

Motion UI enables users to interact seamlessly with the elements. Today, user experience is one of the most prominent aspects of web development. Therefore, it guides the users throughout the website, providing an interactive experience. It makes the site more fluid, increasing the fluency of the navigation. On top of that, it is aesthetically pleasing to access the controls when MotionUI is present. The main agenda is to help users focus on the key elements on the page and ensure that they are properly guided towards what the website wants them to click on.

7. Serverless architecture

Today, serverless architecture  is one of the major steps to move towards digitalization and grow your business. Companies are now deploying web applications on the cloud to ensure that they have real-time access to information. On top of that, it offers high scalability and cost-effectiveness as there are no costs involved in maintaining the cloud. Serverless architecture also ensures that companies have more time-to-market for the web application. There is also no need for server management, which reduces the maintenance as well.

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots

AI-based solutions are the future of web development. Companies like Netflix and Amazon are already utilizing Artificial Intelligence to create recommendation engines that provide a personalized user experience. They can process customer data, analyze behaviour and deliver offerings that fulfill those needs. On the other hand, chatbots provide a great way for users to communicate with the company. Integrating a chatbot in web apps is becoming a necessity for companies that want to deliver high-quality customer service.

9. Cybersecurity

As we move towards more transparent networks, cybersecurity takes centre stage. Online transactions are growing, and companies need security and safety to protect the consumer data. Therefore, more and more of the web apps are conducting risk assessment, securing remote access and introducing roles and permissions to safeguard the users and data. Cybersecurity in web development is also important to gain customer trust and loyalty over the long term.

10. Cloud Computing

If companies want to leverage real-time access to data and ensure that they can access files from everywhere, then cloud computing is the most important trend in web development they should know. Cloud computing reduces the dependability on physical systems, leading to better operational management and decision-making. Companies are switching to a cloud architecture to reduce their system management cost and get better access to user data.

These 10 trends in web development continue to grow as website development companies focus towards modern solutions for web applications. By following these trends, you can grow your business and become a leader in your industry in the digital world.